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Chimera Creative Brief

Competition Project: Young Lions Design Competition 2013

Our concept is “Folding & Unfolding the World” . We fold the map of the world in a B letter shape using origami technique.

Origami and Chimera Creative Brief bring ideas to life by using a single piece of paper, change perceptions and prove that you can achieve anything you set your mind on. Creative persons have to provide the guidelines of how to fold and unfold the world’s facing problems.

The beautiful thing about CCB is the infinite posibilities of “folding and unfolding the world”.

This identity could evolve in 3D objects, placed on the festival site during the Cannes Lions week, to communicate the annual brief.

It can be used as an outdoor media channel. For example we can use origamy fying planes to send the brief, which could be launched from the top of the Palais de Festivals building.

We see Chimera Creative Brief as the evolution of humankind, a constant transformation of concepts and shapes and no matter what, the folding proces leaves marks on paper as evidence of trying, a “Start Up for better“.

Creative Credits: Natalia Sfetcu & Alex Haidamac.


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